Explore the lands of Xemdia as you discover extraordinary creatures known as planos and learn secrets of the Elemental Magic to unleash your true power!

What is Cosmic Nexus?

A new take on a classic style turn-based Trading Card Game.

With refreshing mechanics and stunning artwork, Cosmic Nexus is the first installment of the Final Stardust universe. 

The Battle begins
with you

Play as Mephisto as he faces
his brother in the alpha demo release!

(Available on Windows)

Choose your playstyle, master the elements, and discover planos

There are over 100 Planos to collect with different rarities. Build your team and unleash the possibilities! With 4 elements to explore, discover their special abilities and dedicated Planos. Each element has a unique strategy and playstyle.


Manipulate plants and earth.


Harness the power of ice and water.


Command fire and lava.


Control wind and lightning.

Customizable Avatars

Be part of the Final Stardust Universe and own your own Avatar! With verifiable ownership and hundreds of possible customizations, you can buy, sell, and trade gear to personalize your avatar!

Coming soon:

Final Stardust:
Cosmic Nexus

Releasing on both PC on the SpellMarket and console on the Nitendo Switch.

May, 2023

Final Stardust:
Astral Link

Final Stardust Astral Link, the mobile Trading Card Game.

November, 2024

Final Stardust:
Ardent Tales

Exploring the Final Stardust universe
through the eyes of Mephisto and other
exciting characters, the Final Stardust Manga is currently under development.

Summer of 2023

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